Outsourced Business Services

Are you a business that can outsource some of your work? Is your workspace limited? Extra orders? Staff absenteeism? Oasis has been professionally executing contract-based work to businesses and manufacturers for many years, using our workforce and their supervisors at our sites.

We have more than enough floor space and hands at our premises, We have successfully done sub-assembly of manufacturing components; sorting and cleaning; packaging, labelling and tagging; collation; printing; finishing processes; stapling, etc, etc.

Examples of contracts we have successfully completed include:
Denny Mushrooms – clean large quantities of previously used mushroom pellets, count and repackage
Colourtone Aries – ongoing contract to prepare cardboard templates for assembling
NGK Ceramics – Strip used cardboard sheets, remove staples, sellotape, repackage to send to paper recyclers.

For more information contact Beverly Damons