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Our Purpose

Oasis began as Oasis Special School in 1952, providing education for learners with intellectual disability who were excluded from mainstream schooling. As the children grew older, there was the challenge of where they would be able to work, with many failed attempts to place them into the formal job market. In response, we opened the Oasis Protective Workshop, a supportive environment where the children could transition from school into a job.

Over the years, other projects and services for people with Intellectual disability have been added, and today Oasis is one of the largest and most impactful organisations of its kind, not just in the Western Cape but nationally.

our impact

We are proud of all we have achieved, and grateful for the constant support from donors, friends and partners. They help us achieve some truly remarkable impact:

370 young people and adults with intellectual disability working in the Recycling, Bakery and other projects
A developmental programme for 90 children with severe and intellectual disability
Over 500 businesses we collect recycling from each month
160 tons of waste processed each month
Over 33% of annual income self-generated
520 beneficiaries in all centres
  • 375 beneficiaries received skills development training
  • 60 adults with medium-high support needs in our Adult Centres
  • 80% of beneficiaries provided with transport each day
  • 30% of beneficiaries fed each day
  • 1 Special Olympics gold medal
  • 3 social workers available for support and counselling
  • 250 cars dropping off recycling each day
  • 3 charity shops
  • 56% of annual income self-generated