Oasis Recycling

You can recycle these items at Oasis


all paper newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, junk mail, circulars, office scrap, envelopes


all cardboard boxes, toilet roll inners, cereal boxes, egg boxes


books and magazines those in good condition will be sold in our bookshop


bottles and jars


cooldrink cans, food cans


cooldrink, water


household cleaning agents


bubble wrapping, thin plastic packaging


bottle caps, ice cream containers


Electrical appliances in working order, your good quality household bric-a-brac

Recycling Project

The aim of our recycling project is to create sustainable employment for people with intellectual disability, and to generate income to subsidize the various support offerings we provide.

For more than two decades, Oasis Recycling has
• created jobs for 1000’s of young people and adults with intellectual disability
• provided professional recycling solutions to hundreds of businesses in the Cape Metro
• provided a bustling drop-off centre in Claremont which offers a domestic recycling service

Oasis is a significant contributor towards recycling in the Cape Metropole processing over 160 tons of recyclable waste and saving the City of Cape Town approximately 16 000 cubic meters of landfill every month.

Business Recycling

We currently provide a free collection service for over 500 businesses. We also offer a document-shredding service for clients for whom confidentiality is important.

The benefits of a partnership with us include:

  • Employment equity and social responsibility with a difference
  • Create employment opportunities for men and women with intellectual disability
  • Cost saving on the disposal of office waste
  • Positive environmental contribution

Please see our brochure for more info related to our Business Recycling services

Domestic Recycling

It is estimated that Cape Town residents produce over 6000 tons of waste PER DAY! You can make a difference by recycling your household waste with Oasis.

Oasis recycles your tins, plastic, paper, bottles. We are also always grateful for donations of any gently used goods, books and other items we can sell in our shops.

Oasis beneficiaries help customers unload their recycling, sort the recycling and ensure everything is ready for pick up by our manufacturing clients.

Please see our brochure for more info related to our Domestic Recycling services

For more information contact Beraldine Jagers