Oasis Protective Workshops

We employ 370 persons with intellectual disability at our two workshops in Claremont and Elsies River. Most of Oasis beneficiaries have virtually no prospect of finding employment in the open labour market, but thrive in this supportive environment.

Oasis Protective Workshops provide beneficiaries with:

  • a safe and protective place of employment
  • continued education and training
  • occupational therapy
  • transport
  • a chance to earn a much-needed income
  • a sense of self-worth and
  • the daily companionship of work colleagues.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”
– Christopher Reeve

How does Oasis provide employment?

Oasis provides employment through our various Income Generation Projects


The Recycling Project

The aim of our recycling project is to create sustainable employment for people with intellectual disability.
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The Books and Bric-a-brac Shops

Browse our large range of books, artwork, designer wear, toys, sporting goods, décor items and more.
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We are always looking for sustainable ways to create employment and opportunities for our beneficiaries.
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Out-sourced Business Services

Oasis has been professionally executing contract-based work to businesses and manufacturers...
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These enterprises also allow Oasis Association to be less reliant on donor funding.

Our policy is to accommodate the pace and skill levels of each worker, and where necessary include them in an occupational activity group which also allows time for exercise, handicraft and other activities, including:

Continued education classes

These stimulating and practical classes cover a variety of topics and subjects such as reading, writing, basic numeracy, handling money, current events and social awareness.

Skills development

Our onsite Workshop Coordinators evaluate and provide hands on training to the Oasis workforce according to individual need. They focus on work skills, as well as social skills to assist with integration and peer interaction where necessary.

Please contact Goodwood Protective Workshop or the Claremont Protective Workshop to find out how a person with intellectual disability can benefit from our programmes.