Oasis Day Centres

Parenting a child with special needs can be a very challenging experience. Our two Oasis Day Centres in Ravensmead and Delft provide specialized education, development and care programmes for 90 children with severe or profound intellectual disability. The admission age into the programme ranges from 2 to 18 years. The majority of children in our centre have associated conditions such as cerebral palsy, visual, auditory or physical disabilities, epilepsy and behavioural challenges.

The Day Centres focus on giving all the kids in our care the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. Oasis also provides a range of other support and developmental services, including meals, transport, and physiotherapy.

The programme has a LSEN class, (Learners with Special Educational Needs) for children who are identified to have greater potential beyond the Day Centre programme.

Please contact Ravensmead Day Centre or the Delft Day Centre to find out how children between the ages of 2 -18 can benefit from our programmes.

For more information contact Filicity September