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Magdalene van Niekerk

Winning Gold

Magdalene van Niekerk was born with an intellectual disability, and is also deaf. This meant virtually no opportunities for her post school, and so she joined our Protective Workshops to allow her to have access to meaningful work.
In spite of her disabilities, Magdalene proved herself to be a talented athlete. She was selected to represent the Western Province team and participated in the National Games, where she qualified for the Special Olympics. After her first ever plane journey, Magdalene arrived in Los Angeles and, following her participation in the 100m walking event for women, she defied the odds by winning the Special Olympic Gold Medal in her category!

Magdalene is proof that anything is possible if people are given the opportunity to realise their potential.

Shaad Williams

Reaching her fullest potential

One of our shining lights is Shaad Williams. Shaad is four years old and has cerebral palsy. When she started at our Day Centre at two years old, Shaad was withdrawn, had very little movement and virtually no response to stimulation or caregiver interaction.

Two years later, thanks to the Oasis Day Centre team for the consistent physiotherapy and movement support, daily education programme and care, Shaad has lots of movement and is responsive to communication and instruction. She is more alert and aware of her surroundings, responds to sounds and being called, has developed speech and occasionally utters a word - which the caregivers celebrate each time! Shaad now identifies colours as well.
Her mother has welcomed seeing the improvement in her child in only two short years, and we will continue doing all we can to help Shaad reach her full potential.

Patrick and Bonita Solomons

A life of their own

Patrick and Bonita Solomons, two adults with intellectual disability, were living alone in a council flat in Clarke’s Estate in the Cape Flats area. They were cared for by their mother until 2009, when she passed away. This left them vulnerable, with their neighbours stealing their grant money and no one checking on their safety.

The community reached out to Oasis for help, and the two were given permanent accommodation in our Ruyterwacht Group Home, and also admitted into the Protective Workshop to learn skills and earn an income. Although 41 years old at the time, it was Bonita’s first job ever.

She and Patrick now each have an income, a safe home, a bank account; they are able, with guidance, to purchase their own shoes, clothing and personal hygiene goods. They contribute to their group living, and happily assist with chores and responsibilities.

From barely surviving on their own, to the dignity of being meaningfully employed and living with a ‘family’ of 14 of their peers, has been a real success story for these two charming beneficiaries of Oasis.