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Oasis Association provides a range of services for +/- 450 intellectually disabled men, women and children

Employment opportunities

We have two workshops - one in Elsies River and the other in Claremont which were designed to achieve two goals. 

Firstly, they provide the workers with a protected place of employment, continued education and training, occupational therapy, transport and the daily companionship of work colleagues. 

Many of the workers at the workshops are also their family’s primary breadwinner and this economic activity gives them some status in their communities, as well as improving their own self-image and sense of dignity.

And secondly, they provide Oasis Association with the means of becoming less reliant on donor funding through building our own sustainable projects.

These projects include

But the recovery and processing of recyclable or waste materials is our largest project.

We currently employ 364 workers at the two workshops who, due to the nature of their disability and their need for close supervision, have virtually no prospect of finding employment in the open labour market. 

Inevitably some of the people attending the Oasis workshops do not meet production and target deadlines due to either ill health, ageing and/or limited cognitive ability.  But they enjoy contributing and Oasis Association values that.  Their pace and skill level is therefore accommodated in an occupational activity group which also allows time for exercise, handicraft and other activities. 

Continued education classes: 
Oasis Association is fortunate to have four dedicated and qualified volunteers on board who host our weekly education classes.  At present 39 adults attend these classes which cover a variety of topics and subjects such as reading, writing, basic numeracy, handling money, current events and social awareness.

Skills development
Our social workers evaluate and provide hands on training of the Oasis workforce.  It is necessary to assess the workers’ current and potential functioning and capacity and to ascertain

  1. whether intervention is required
  2. to evaluate and address problems related to relationship, life or social skills which will effect their integration into the team. 
  3. Equally importantly, the acquisition of work skills are critical for ensuring that the workers can be effectively employed in any of the Oasis Association projects.
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