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Oasis Association provides a range of services for +/- 450 intellectually disabled men, women and children

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Our facilities and services

Day Centres

The two Oasis day centres in Ravensmead and Delft provide specialized care and developmental programmes for 90 children with severe or profound intellectual disability.  The children are between 2 and 18 years of age and the majority of them have compounding problems such as cerebral palsy, visual, auditory or physical disabilities, epilepsy and behavioural problems. 

The day centres focus on giving profoundly disabled children the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential, so the children are grouped into classes according to their mental age and developmental levels. The daily programme is structured to suit the needs of specific classes.  Oasis also provides the following services:

  • Physiotherapy twice a week
  • Specially adapted transport to and from the centres on a daily basis
  • Specially adapted wheelchairs and buggies for certain children.  At the moment 24 children are in buggies and 10 are seated in wheelchairs
  • Developmental programmes to promote basic skills and the more advanced childhood skills
  • Use of the centre/school toy library during operational hours
  • A home toy library which enables children to take home toys, developmental games and puzzles over weekends and school holidays
  • A pre-LSEN* class for the younger children who show the potential for future promotion to the LSEN classes
  • Two dedicated LSEN classes - children with greater potential are given every opportunity to learn and develop to their fullest potential in these classes. They are then promoted to an LSEN* school. 
  • Six other class groups (making a total of nine classes).
  • Each classroom has two dedicated caregivers who assist the children with life skills, developmental programmes, physiotherapy exercises, meals and toileting
  • An augmentative communication programme
  • A snoozling room (snoozling means multi-sensory stimulatory activity specifically designed for individuals with severe sensory impairments or multiple disabilities.) Snoozling was first developed for use in the treatment of people with intellectual disability
  • Social work services for those in need
  • Daily nourishing meals for all children
  • Safe, bright and stimulating environments
  • Food parcels for families in need
  • Parent meetings and family conferencing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Primary health care
  • Outings for the children

* LSEN – Learners with Special Educational Needs

Oasis Group Homes 

The Two Group Homes(in Ruyterwacht, and Kenwyn) provide a caring home environment for up to 41 adults, all of whom are employed at the Oasis workshops.

The houses,  allow us to provide supervised and secure accommodation forthe Oasis workers in need - those with no fixed abode or who have very unsuitable home circumstances.

A homely family environment is provided by a live-in house mother and general assistant and the residents have access to social work and primary health care service.  As far as possible, residents are involved in chores, shopping trips and communal responsibilities.  They enjoy their own hobbies or activities of interest and are taken on social outings.  Staff members are tasked with ensuring that physical and spiritual needs are met.

Our Ruyterwacht home offer respite care for Oasis workers which is of great assistance to their families.

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