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Provide the workers with a protected place of employment, continued education and training, occupational therapy, transport and the daily companionship of work colleagues
About Us

Moderate, mild, severe or profound intellectual disability affects approximately 3% of all people worldwide.   

In 1952 a group of parents found a solution to the problem of their children being excluded from mainstream society when they started their own school – an oasis – for children with intellectual disability. 

Today Oasis Association is a model of integrated services.  We provide employment opportunities, skills development training, day care centres and residential homes for over 450 men, women and children in the greater Cape Town area.  We are a registered non profit organisation (Registration No: 002-937 NPO) and have Income Tax Exemption in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.  As a Public Benefit Organisation (930006609), donations are tax dedudtible. Our recent Socio-Economic Development Beneficiary Analysis has been conducted by Grant Thornton Verification Services and is as follows:  B-BBEE SED recognition - 100% as 85% of our beneficiaries are black.  

Our mission is to enable persons with intellectual disability to realise their fullest potential at each stage of their development, and thereby become as independent and productive as possible within the community.

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