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Dear Drop-Off Recycling Clients

Dear Supporter

Our recycling projects and charity shops help Oasis to provide work for 370 adults with intellectual disability and housing for 45 of them; as well as day care centres for 90 profoundly/severely intellectual disabled  kids.  Without your support and these projects, Oasis wouldn’t exist.  


Unfortunately a very small number of people dropping off materials and goods think that we are a dump site and in order to reach them we need to hand this letter to every supporter.  Please help us pass the word around.  All materials dropped off are sorted and processed by a large team of workers and it is our duty to provide a safe and protected work environment for them and in particular protection of their dignity. 



Medication, used medical products and syringes/needles

Abrasive/toxic  substances such as pool acid and toxic cleaners

Pesticides and poisonous substances

Ammunition and dangerous knives


Soiled paper tissue items such as diapers, tissues and sanitary products

Food waste or expired non-perishable goods

Wet and/or  mouldy clothes, shoes, bed linen

Stained mattresses, pillows and duvet inners.

Broken, soiled and “smelly” clothes and shoes

Broken flat glass, mirrors and drinking glasses

Used light bulbs and batteries

Animal waste and soiled animal linen

Broken objects which have lost their functionality or aesthetic value due to the damage

Alcohol, narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia, pornographic materials and adult “toys”

Garden rubbish and floor sweepings


Unbelievably, all of this is handed in, in the belief that we are a dumping site.  Dumping costs us hard earned money every month. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and we do apologise that you have been handed a letter which in all probability is not necessary at all.  Our supporters often tell us that they don’t sort their waste because the sorting creates work for our workforce.  With the volumes we now process, every bit of sorting you do, though optional, is a great help.


Kind regards and thank you!


Gail Bester

Executive Director


Recycling information available from Recycling Manager, Beraldine Jagers at recycling@oasis.org.za  

Information re donations of goods to our charity 

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